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Inspiration for Packing


I will be the first to admit I was nervous about packing for our trip this week.  Not due to our destinations or that I would be giving a presentation for the first time ever but our self-imposed constraints.  We ordered new luggage, backpacks.  This is so we don’t have to check luggage on multiple flights with multiple carriers in two countries.  We will be gone for 10 days with 2+ days of travel time.  I will be talking in front of 100ish dairy farmers and attending the necessary conference dinners.  I was freaked out about how many pairs of shoes would NOT fit in my suitcase, how many pairs of socks do I need to take, what if it gets cold/hot/rainy?  My husband looked at me and said “I am sure that they have stores in Turkey.”

And, folks, that is one of the many reasons I love him.  And then we went to Milwaukee to go shopping.  This is where I found some wonderfully labeled products for the traveler.  Yup, I bought myself 2 pairs of the above underwear. Yup, there were $16 per pair.  Nope, they are not that cute.  Its going to be so worth it to not have to wear wet underwear because they didn’t dry overnight hanging in the hotel bathroom in Munich while on your honeymoon.  Although, that is a funny story for another time.

So, with such a simple purchase, my mind is at ease about the lack of space in my new suitcase. Now, I can focus on the daily tasks at hand and accomplish what needs to be done, I hope.